Committee Meetings

The general affairs of the Reactor Yachting Association such as racing, events and finances are administered by an Executive Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and not less than two not more than seven other members. The current committee consists of:


Antony Toledo: President

Sarah Belcher: Vice-President

Jeremy Sutton-Pratt: Treasurer

Gary Dansby-Scott: Member/Events

Malcolm Woolmore: Member



This Committee is elected by those members of the Association entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Association, such election primarily being carried out at the Annual General Meeting. We always welcome and encourage new members onto the committee and can find a role as small or large as you have time for!

All members are welcome at the Committee meetings, these are generally held the first Thursday of each month at the Richmond Yacht Club but please check the calendar or contact the association to confirm date, time and place.

If you are interested in joining the RYA or RYA committee or would just like a little more information please contact us.


RYA Committee Meeting requirements (excert from Consitution)