Over the years the Reactor Yachting Association has built up an impressive archive of documents and articles relating to the more arcane aspect of yacht ownership and handling.  The building of this part of the website is a work in progress and over time we hope that all of this information will be made available to members through this website.


The Reactor is now between 30 and 40 years old and many of the yachts require refitting and maintenance – as indeed all yachts require.  The Reactor archives contain many rich and interesting accounts of DIY yacht care, maintenance and restoration.


The collection and making available this technical information to members is a key service that the Association provides and hopefully makes tackling some of the work that your boat may demand of you a less challenging task.  Over the years Reactor skippers have ‘been there done that’ and if you cant find the information your are looking for in the archives, you can probably find it by getting in touch with the Association…We look forward to hearing from you.